Daily Archive: June 29, 2013

Body Fat Statistics 0

Body Fat Statistics

  Sport Male Female Sport Male Female Baseball 12-15% 12-18% Rowing 6-14% 12-18% Basketball 6-12% 20-27% Shot   Putters 16-20% 20-28% Body building 5-8% 10-15% Skiing   (X country) 7-12% 16-22% Cycling 5-15% 15-20%...

Vital Statistics 0

Vital Statistics

I just don’t geddit I’ve run and rowed my nobs off for the past week and I’m now heavier and have less muscle according to my body fat scales: Weight 11 Stones 8.4 lbs BMI...

Running shame 0

Running shame

A moment of running shame this morning. Got up early at 6:22am and sat down to a breakfast of a cup of coffee with a spoon of honey and a glass of effervescent vitamin...