Monthly Archive: July 2013

Up at the crack 0

Up at the crack

Got up this morning even before my alarm clock was set to go off. I was busting for a pee and the dawn was a lovely red over the sea so I decided to...

Wonderful wonderful day 0

Wonderful wonderful day

An absolutely gorgeous morning for a run but despite that I still had to drag myself out, not feeling too brilliant after yesterday I was a bit stiff and I don’t know if it...

Running up that hill 0

Running up that hill

Ran for the first time in decades from my parents’ home. I decided that I’d not been getting much from running after work as it was too easy to duck out of doing it...

Running on time…. soon 0

Running on time…. soon

I come to you from the future, you are fat and lazy and haven’t been running or updating your blogggggggggggggg whoooooooo.

Running in the Past 0

Running in the Past

No idea what happened during this run as I’m writing this in the future as I didn’t write up the run straight after doing it. I’m just catching up on things after a couple...

Nothing moving 0

Nothing moving

I just do not get it. I’ve been running and rowing my bits off over the past couple of weeks and this is all I’ve got to show for it. I’m staying about level pegging...

Wrong button 0

Wrong button

What a glorious sunny morning, probably the first proper summer morning of the year. Ripe for a run, I got out early and headed down to Seaton having taken the rest of the day...

Quick lap slow time 0

Quick lap slow time

Started again straight after work and a drive through from Middlesbrough to Seaton. I pretty dismal day, but I like it that way as it keeps everyone at home. A light sprinkle of drizzle,...

Nutritional Supplements 0

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements, vitamins, minerals and other voodoo that I think might just work. Please be very careful when consulting this page, do not take any of this as gospel and please if you are...