Monthly Archive: May 2014

25th May 2014 Run 0

25th May 2014 Run

No details on this run as I forgot to log it at the time that I did it, very remiss of me but not the first and certainly now the last.  

Unhappy little girlie, Daddy’s off to a run 0

Unhappy little girlie, Daddy’s off to a run

I’m trying to catch up on my running after my recent stint of smoking. This meant that despite having a really busy week that involved me going to bed at 1:10-ish-am and getting up...

This took some self-discipline 0

This took some self-discipline

Staying at my parents and I awoke at five in the morning…. Despite only five or six hours sleep the night before and getting to bed a one this morning I felt surprisingly fresh....

Post ciggie blues 0

Post ciggie blues

Ran for the first time in ages on Saturday. I’d hit the smokes again, not a great idea but it seemed like a good one at the time. I’ve only just shook off the...