Monthly Archive: June 2014

29th June 2014 Run 0

29th June 2014 Run

No details on this run as I forgot to log it at the time that I did it, very remiss of me but not the first and certainly now the last. Yadda yadda  

8 days 4 hours 0

8 days 4 hours

Creepy dreams aside, yes I know that was bit OTT, but hey I want to share the full panto of giving up smoking and at 8 days and 4 hours things are still changing....

6 days 18 hours 0

6 days 18 hours

6 days and 18 hours and last night I had a really weird dream. First of all everything is going ok, well it was until yesterday and then I found myself fixating on little...

5 days and 5 hours 0

5 days and 5 hours

5 days and 5 hours wihout a ciggie, ¬£42 richer and now with 10 more hours of life to my credit. Managed to forget to take a patch to my parents’ for an overnight...

3 days and 10 hours 0

3 days and 10 hours

On my break at work, it’s now 3 days and 10 hours without a ciggie. Things are starting to get a lot better, my patch is the one I was wearing yesterday as I...

2 days 19 hours without a cigarette 0

2 days 19 hours without a cigarette

2 days 19 hours without a cigarette, I can say this with confidence as I use the app, My Last Cigarette to map my progress. I’m also ¬£22.61 richer, I have approximately¬†5 hours and...

Giving up smoking… again 0

Giving up smoking… again

OK this time it’s for good, I’m giving up smoking… again. OK then perhaps I should really say that I’m stopping smoking, but who knows for how long. But that’s quitter talk, hey but...