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29th July 2104 Run 0

29th July 2104 Run

29th July 2104 Run This was an interesting run as it was the first time I’d attempted to do a run in my lunch hour at work. I made the mistake of leaving it...

25th July 2014 Run 0

25th July 2014 Run

Got a flier from the college, we historically call it a gas leak, someone senior in theory proclaims that they can smell gas and we can all go home, this is a bit of...

38 days 15 hours 0

38 days 15 hours

38 days 15 hours without a cigarette. Well it doesn’t seem to be so tough now, I know that when I normally lapse it’s usually when I have a major problem. Well so far...

13th July 2014 Run 0

13th July 2014 Run

I think this was the first outing for my brand spanking new Asics GT-2000 v2 running shoes, I’m not too sure though, it could have been my last run but as this one has...

From square one 0

From square one

Starting out again from square one. I did a run the other weekend but nothing exceptional. I’ve been hitting the cigarettes again and after a really promising start to running again I succumbed and...

15 days 9 hours 0

15 days 9 hours

15 days 9 hours without a cigarette. 15 days without having to go to the shops to get a packet of expensive cigarettes and feel like a third class person while buying them. It’s...

29th June 2014 Run 0

29th June 2014 Run

No details on this run as I forgot to log it at the time that I did it, very remiss of me but not the first and certainly now the last. Yadda yadda