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Running has been a big part of my life, this is my running diary with all the pitfalls of smoking, laziness etc. and the benefits of trying harder and pushing more. I’m no spring chicken but I use running to keep me young, healthy and agile.

Ankle 0


Hmmm a month after the Great North Run and my ankle still isn’t right. It’s been more than a bit of a pain and sometimes I’ve found myself actually hobbling around. It wouldn’t be...

Great North Run 2014 0

Great North Run 2014

Great North Run 2014 Note that I’ve missed out a couple of runs in the run up to the Great North Run, normally I’m pretty anal about recording my runs but I’ve missed two...

5th August 2014 Run – legend in my lunchtime 0

5th August 2014 Run – legend in my lunchtime

5th August 2014 Run – legend in my lunchtime Made another attempt to do a run in my lunchtime, this time though I realised that finding somewhere to have a shower afterwards would be a...

29th July 2104 Run 0

29th July 2104 Run

29th July 2104 Run This was an interesting run as it was the first time I’d attempted to do a run in my lunch hour at work. I made the mistake of leaving it...