Joggy Bloggy Fitness Regime

Every Friday record your new activities/commitments to your fitness regime, look at those from previous weeks and delete those that you cannot commit to or that prove unhelpful. Add more and it will build up to a steady regimen that you follow.
Friday 21st June 2013 – First Week of Inception Fitness Regime
  • New – 3x half an hour runs per week
  • New – 2x 5,000 metre static rows per week
Diet and Supplements:

See Runners nutritional supplements on Nutrition Supplements Page

  • New – 1x High Strength Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Woods Supplements
  • New – 1x Omega 3 Pure Fish Oil – Tesco – Contains 180mg EPA & 120mg DHA

New Vitamins in addition to Runners supplements

  • New – 1x Vitamin E 400iu – Woods Supplements
  • New – 1x Multivitamins, A-Z General Health – Boots the Chemist
  • New – 4x 1,000mg Vitamin C effervescent tablets
Giving up:

See Smoking on the Giving Up Page

  • New – Stop smoking
Fitness Regime Week One Inception

Fitness Regime Week One – Some dusty pills I found