Motivation where you can get it…

Can’t say I’m a big fan of motivational statements, I do get the feeling that they surface as a mantra to people and they don’t really mantra them enough. It’s just this attitude of posting a statement up on FaceBook and giving it one’s undivided attention for the moments you post telling everyone how it’ll change your life. If it’s motivational then sure it must move you to action, but it SHOULD MOVE YOU TO ACTION, or at least it should be a code to abide by. or at least consider once in a while.

Here’s a few that I really think work, perhaps not just motivational but statements of minor (and major) wisdom to inspire etc…..:

“Everything is hard before it is easy” – Wolfgang von Goethe – actually I’m a bigger fan of “Everything is easy until it isn’t” which is a Josh Gates’ quote and philosophy I believe. The first quote explains everything becoming easier with practice, the second is more a statement of everyone underestimating the inevitable difficulty of something. In Josh Gates’ excellent book “Destination Truth, Memoires of a Monster Hunter” (yes it is excellent, so don’t go judging a book by its cover – in the most literal sense of the phrase). It refers to his philosophy being borne out by a fatal expedition to an “easy” Kilimanjaro climb.

“The harder you work, the luckier you get” – Gary Player

“Everything is easier after a run” – me

The bad times while not there are far worse than the bad times there – Me regarding not going to Glastonbury 2013 and the whinging I do while I’m there.

What Pierre Borghi wrote on a bit of paper while captured by the Taliban before he gave the them the slip:

Thomas Flohr’s (owner of Vistajet) advice to would-be entrepreneurs:

“Stop looking at social media websites, and instead work out what contribution you can make to the world, and go and do it. Find your niche, find what you are good at, and focus on that. And be a good person along the way – if you try to take shortcuts it will just come back and haunt you.”