Tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks No. 1 – My advice for a good day festival is:
  • Don’t smoke if you’ve given up smoking – that’s a bit of personal advice there.
  • Don’t drink so sodding much the night before the festival
  • Have a good time on site and drink as much as you like but if you want to tone it down then have a soft drink for every two pints. Better still if you can manage it don’t drink at all.
  • Wear big bugger outdoor boots (you can get lightweight ones with lots of ventilation now) unless it really looks as though it’s going to be good weather and if it is going to be good then still wear big boots. I love my paraboots they’re great for all weathers, put some comfy socks on and they’re great too if anyone stands on your toes in a crowd, also good ankle support if you tend to have weak ankles. Don’t do what I did and wash them in the dishwasher though as I found the soles fell off at the next festival I went to.
  • Pack a bag, the biggest I would take would be 18 litres, any bigger and it starts to get in the way, try to put in:
    1. Lot and lots of clothes – thermal undies are good  and despite having to strip off to put them on they can still look oddly cool under certain clothing depending upon colour choices. Orange under black can look uber. Big socks if you’re not already wearing them. A hoody is always very welcome on a cold day, try to get a thick one though, no-one will notice when it’s cold or wet and fashion goes out of the window in inclement weather. In a deluge folk tend to wear a lot of professional hiking gear when the weather turns bad, so a trip to the camping store could be in order.
    2. Sun lotion and after sun
    3. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen but don’t lose count of how many and when you have them.
    4. Water if they’ll let you take fluids in (rare that they will), bottled water is always available but it can be a bit expensive.
    5. A sun hat and a warm woolly hat.
    6. Wet weather gear, make it stout stuff, none of this cheap packsize macs, you’d be surprised what rain can be like when you’re just sat out. Rainproof trousers are good too but can be a bit of menace to get on.
    7. Rennies are great if you get a bit of a hiccup or acid attack
    8. You can take some loo roll just in case it’s all gone from the portaloos
    9. A mat to sit on is really useful
    10. A camera – I usually pack that on a belt though.
    11. Spare cash should you lose your main stash of cash – don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    12. Medicine and stuff that you might need, contact lens fluid, inhalers etc.
    13. A lineup calendar
    14. A torch – well maybe not – I find that they never get used
    15. Spare battery for phone
    16. Gloves – I forgot them this year and I found out just how cold a pair of wet hands can get in the cold
    17. ID just in case you’re found snoozing in a puddle
  • Eat when you need to eat, I tend to forget to eat and when it catches up with you then it can be too late and you’ll feel terrible.
  • Not tried this but some carb packing – as one would do before a race – might be a good idea the night before. Try stuffing your face in the hotel the night before, this year I had sweets in the car on the way down and didn’t have my afternoon meal and then drank a gallon in the bar. Perhaps I’ll try this out next year.
  • Try some energy drinks.
  • Maybe try to get out a tiny bit earlier than everyone else, I reckon a five minute head start and you could knock an hour off the journey home should you be using public transport.
Download festival fitness - rain

Download festival fitness – rain

Festival tips and tricks, it’s about being prepared.